Friday, September 13, 2019

Political Science - American National Government Essay - 1

Political Science - American National Government - Essay Example Citizens should be ready to sacrifice their liberty for the sake of their security. I am, therefore, ready to sacrifice my right to live a free life, and enable the government put measures towards achieving a secure environment. My parents are dedicated democrats. They have been democrats for a long time. They have natured me, in a neutral political environment, giving me the chance to choose the political party that I advocate for, according to what I see in the party. My parents’ political opinions and attitudes did not and still do not affect my own political opinions. They brought me up to stand up for myself and support what I believe to be right. Though, we at many times disagree over our political opinions and stands they have never tried to change what I believe in, but they advise me when they see that I am backing the wrong idea. There are several people, who have influenced my political opinions. In the political arena, I see martin Luther king as a person, who stood for his political opinions and paid the price with his life. The legend advocated for the rights of the black community and successfully made his voice heard all over the globe. The current president of the United States is the other political icon that influences my political opinions. President Barrack Obama is a man who pushes for what he wants to achieve. His agenda is clearly to make America to be a fair and just country where citizens live in a peace and harmony. I watch television programs for two hours a day. This makes an average total of 14 hours a week. The television offers various insights to the world of politic. Different politicians express their opinions and political decisions using television as the medium of communication to the citizens. The television can affect or directs one’s political opinions. Though, I watch a lot of television news, documentaries and other entertainment channels,

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